LA2 emmergency reboot

We had to reboot the node due dns reflection atttacks participation by one of our customer

29th Jun 2014
LA 3node downtime details

We are currently investigating what caused the downtime in la3 server. We will be offering one free month to those affected. You will need to open a support ticket to avail the free month if you are in La3 node
no other node is affected

21st Jun 2014
LA DC issue

DC RFO This afternoon, while conducting a routine network capacity increase, the ColoCrossing Los Angeles network experienced an outage. The event began at 10:56 AM PDT and was resolved at 12:44 PM PDT. During the installation and turn up our new Zayo bandwidth service an error was made in the switching configuration on both of our core routers ... Read More »

10th Jun 2014
Emergency Reboot all openvz nodes

 A serious Linux kernel vulnerability has been published recently (CVE-2014-3153 ). We have updated the kernel on this node, but unfortunately have to reboot it for effect. We will be doing so shortly. Your VPSs should be back online within a few minutes, but you can reboot them manually from the SolusVM CP if you'd prefer not to wait for the ... Read More »

7th Jun 2014