LASSD is now updating

We are beginning the update process for LASSD. We will be upgrading the packages and kernel, and issuing a reboot on the server.We will be providing updates on our facebook channel at the following url... - Server was updated and rebooted with minimal downtime. All was successful Read More »

10th Mar 2015
Chicago SSD 1 will be updated on 3-8-2015

This evening, at 10PM PST/ 1AM EST we will be updating our packges on Chicago SSD 1, and will reboot the server.This is a standard update and reboot to upgrade various packages on the server.We will be upgrading one server each night over the next week and a half. Please visit our facebook page... the latest ... Read More »

8th Mar 2015
Chicago SSD Server Is Up and Running

Chicago SSD server is now back up and running after the techs worked on the server for a majority of the day.

Due to a long outage that took place to fix the issue, we will be pushing all of the next payment dates back by 2 days.

Thanks for your understanding while we worked to fix this situation, as it was totally and completely unexpected.

13th Feb 2015
Chicago SSD Server Update

Just received an update from the DC in regards to the Chicago SSD server. They replaced a damaged switch which affected the whole cabinet, but are still working on network issues.

12th Feb 2015
Chicago SSD currently having Network outage

We are currently working on an issue with one of the Chicago SSD servers, where the network has been reported as down. One of the VM's was attempting to send out a large amount of DDos to external locations, and the DC null routed based on this.

We will fix the issue as soon as the server starts responding and suspend the perpetrators

11th Feb 2015
Mass Emails concerning closed tickets

We were fixing a pop3 configuration issue that we discovered after an update to the system which was originally meant to offer additional trouble ticketing options. From the looks of it, it seems to have been broken for some time and once it was setup correctly, it attempted to import all tickets from the support email account as new tickets due ... Read More »

8th Feb 2015
FTPit has a new Owner!

FTPit, long time owned by Nipon, has been purchased by Komputer King LLC owner Cameron Fillers.From now on, whenever you submit a trouble ticket or ask a question, all questions and replies will be handled by Cameron Fillers.All services and setups are planned to stay the same, and I also plan to grow the service the same way that Nipon would.Look ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2015
Lassd issue

While setting up IPMI,there was a technical issue occured in the server causing it to be down for sometime,it has been fixed now

21st Jan 2015
All nodes emmergency reboot

All nodes are being updated with security updates and rebooted in sequence

18th Dec 2014
Discontinuation of dallas kvm location and welcome New York !! (Important)

Due to unavoidable circumstsances,we have decied to drop our dallas location and start our kvm services in New york location.New nodes will be twice faster than the current dallas nodes.All affected yearly customers who do not want to continue services in New york location will be refunded proactive basis and requested to take data backups,those ... Read More »

28th Oct 2014