Discontinuation of dallas kvm location and welcome New York !! (Important)

Due to unavoidable circumstsances,we have decied to drop our dallas location and start our kvm services in New york location.New nodes will be twice faster than the current dallas nodes.All affected yearly customers who do not want to continue services in New york location will be refunded proactive basis and requested to take data backups,those ... Read More »

28th Oct 2014
Ny3 remaining customers move new node

We will be moving all the remaining ny3 customers on 30th october,2014. NY4 and half of the Ny3 have already been migrated to new nodes.SSD servers will be housed in the same DC,but we have changed our provider due to which we will be allocated new IPs.All affected customers will be notified about the new IP manually.To conpensate it,we have ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2014
LA1 down(solved)

Updates: This issues has been fixed.We will be crediting one month free for the affected customers.Please email sales@ftpit.com to avail the free creditUpdates : Our DC technicians still working on it.routing issue is still being fixedWe aware of the issue and we are working on network issue. We'll keep updating here Your patience is highly ... Read More »

16th Oct 2014
NY3 reboot

NY3 has been rebooted due to become unaccessible due to some abusers.We are monitoring the node

13th Oct 2014
LA3 reboot

update 1: customer abusing the node was found and suspend.Everything should be normal now
LA3 was under outgoing attacks which made to reboot the node
It is running fsck more updates will follow soon

10th Oct 2014
NY3 and NY4 migration

Update3: NY3 migration will be starting soon,We will keep everyone updated about the same 8 october 2014 , 22.18 ISTUpdate2: Ny4 migration is finished.Update1: NY4 migration is progress.Customers will face short downtimes while migrating.You can find the IP thereafter from solusvm.We will email everbody with new IP and one month free credit once ... Read More »

5th Oct 2014
LA1 disk failure emmergency maintenance (Please read)

Update 8: All resolved.Server is up now.If you have any issues,please email support@ftpit.comUpdate 7 : Raid rebuild 75 % done  . 5.49 IST 5th octoberUpdate 6: Raid rebuild 40 % done.It is taking more time than expected.Update 5: Rebuild in progress 4.03 AM IST 5th octoberUpdate4: Disk has been replaced and server is rebuilding 3.17 AM IST 5th ... Read More »

4th Oct 2014